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A peek inside Worth FiT Studio

Our studio is 1750 square feet and includes a separate cardio area with a treadmill, row machine 

and recumbent bike.   We also provide a stretch room with foam rollers, balls and bands to help you warm up.


         * Bachelor's Degree- Exercise Science

         * ACE Certified Personal Trainer

         * Cancer Exercise Specialist

         * Specialties: TRX,  Small Group Training, 

            exercise programming,  

Stephanie Worthington

Owner/Fitness Motivator

I have been in the business of fitness for almost 18 years. I spent ten years at a large club in Claremont, where I created successful programs and finetuned my craft. The idea of Worth FiT has been a dream of mine for many years, but It was not until a bout with cancer that I realized the magnitude of all that fitness offers. Not only had it helped me deal with anxiety and depression, but fitness was now also helping me deal with cancer, the emotions that come with it and the recovery from it. Having a strong body is one thing, but having a strong mindset is another and I found that exercise gave me both. I genuinely believe that we can use exercise as therapy, medicine, or play to simply feel better. My hope is that when you walk through the doors of Worth FiT, you not only feel motivated and encouraged to achieve your fitness goals, but that you also feel inspired to look at fitness as your healer, happy pill and something you truly couldn’t live without.

Fitness is an absolute essential!

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope to hear from you soon.


Our Classes

 In- studio groups are between 3 and 6 people and are designed for all fitness levels.  

We also offer zoom group training and private training.  

Masks are not  required but you may wear a mask if you wish .  We also have a  hand sanitizing station available.    

Please disinfect all pieces of equipment used after your workout.  We appreciate your cooperation!

FiT Groups

Worth FiT offers more than an exercise class, we offer an exercise experience.  FiT groups are fun, intentional training style workouts, surrounded by people with the same goals. Whether you're looking to lose weight, maintain, or build muscle, there's a FiT group for you!

Personal Training

Maximize your results with customized exercise programming. Let's work together and create a life long fitness commitment. Whether you want to learn the basics, or add creativity into your fitness life, personal training will help you achieve your goals. Be held accountable and stay motivated with personal training!

Online Training

Make real fitness progress and feel supported with online training.

Flexibility, accountability and affordability are just a few of the benefits of online training. Receive customized workouts based on your goals, limitations, space and equipment. Sign up for a complimentary 15 min. consult via the MINDBODY APP today!

Corporate Fit Challenge

Bring camaraderie, team building, and energy back into the workplace! The Corporate Fit Challenge overhauls fitness and nutrition habits in workplaces big and small over the course of 6 weeks. Set up your challenge today!

“Seven years ago, I couldn’t bend over without holding on to something to pull myself up.  I was 53 years old and determined to not let my body decay before my mind.

Enter Stephanie Worthington, who taught me to enjoy fitness. I now workout 5 days a week, am the strongest I've ever been and look forward to our sessions. 

I highly recommend Stephanie's personal training, as well as her group classes, which hold me even more accountable and the community effort have made a huge impact in my life.”

Amy Gordon - Testimonial




Get in touch!


928 West Foothill Boulevard

Claremont, CA 91711


Studio is OPEN M-F.  Be sure to visit our social media links for some training ideas!


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